Thursday, July 14, 2011

Look at Lenny!

Lenny is a great example of Jan's success with Back pain clients. Have a read of Lennys Testimonial below.

" Seventeen years ago I almost severed my spinal cord in a ski race boat accident. At the time of the accident I was unsure if I would be able to walk again. From that point in time I learnt to live with my back pain and got use to the idea it would become part of my life.
After the last stint in hostpital and talk of a back operation a good friend of mine recommended to give Chek Australia a call.
From my first consultation with Jan I have never looked back. Jan's approach was to not just treat my specific injury but my body as a whole both physically and mentally. Building myself up through the phases of rehabilatation over the last eight months has been challenging and extemely rewarding.
I consider myself extremely lucky to have met and trained with Jan and the crew at chek Australia.Their knowledge, experience and support has been invaluable and has changed my life forever. "
Lennie Signorini

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