One day late in October, 2010,  little carnage woke up with a slight limp.  Over the course of the day  - the limp grew a little worse. 
She was taken to the vet who organised an x-ray.  She was now paralysed from her mid back down. She had gone into shock and was visibly distressed.  She was then immediately sent by animal ambulance to the spinal specialist vet in Brisbane.
Carnage was diagnosed with having bulged seven discs which had bulged into the spinal canal and damaged her spinal cord.  At this stage the vet suggested that Carnage should be put down.  He was told that this was not an option and Carnage then went immediately into surgery where the vet tried to clean up the area.
Whilst still on the operating table, the vet again strongly suggested that Carnage be put down as she would not, in his opinion, ever walk again.  He said it was one of the worse cases he had ever seen. Once again, he was told that this was not an option.
Carnage then spent six weeks at the vet clinic undergoing recovery and physiotherapy.  She is paralysed from the mid back down and her bladder does not function.
During my visits with her I would take her outside into the sun (her favourite position) and she would attempt to chase frilled neck lizards.  I realised she was still the same old carnage with the same ‘never give up’ spirit. 
As soon as i got her home i organised a delivery of a set of wheels.  As this would take a month to manufacture, carnage started walking with the aid of a scarf under her tummy. 
Once the wheels arrived, it took a little getting used to.  After about a week – Carnage was up and running. 
She is now pretty much able to do everything she always used to do. She will give anything a go.  She’s back chasing skateboards and being the ‘Queen Carnage” she always was.
 I couldn’t be more proud of my little girl.  My heart swells with pride when i see her trying to catch up with other dogs along the beach.  Her little heart pounds with the exertion and she has a smile from ear to ear.
Not a day goes past without some one stopping us in the street and saying how she has brought a smile to their face and made their day.  

Jan's Chooks!

This is a tale of a special Chicken....
Jan heard a loud noise and chickens going crazy in the shed a few weeks ago and came to their rescue to find one special teenage chicken being strangled by a carpet snake. She tried to coil the snake onto a rake but had no luck so decided to scream for help ! Luckily the guy next door heard cries from a damsel in distress and ran to her aid, a chickens aid! He got the snake off the chicken but it spasmodically fell to the ground. Dead.
Jan raced to pick it up, the neighbour told Jan she couldn't save it, it was gone. Jan DIDN'T GIVE UP , she gave the little creature mouth to mouth and a few compressions, she talked to it and held it closely. Then with one more breath the little fella kicked into gear!
Back to life and running around happy and chirpy...happy to be alive.
How amazing is that! I don't think many of us have bought a chick back to life.