Sunday, November 25, 2012

CHEK Update

This morning we did a Early morning training session for three Seasoned Tough Mudders,
Who won the Push the Steel Post over, ??? - I don't know they are still down there at Burleigh Beach going at it..

Jan on the other hand saw sense and decided to train with her 3 year old Grand daughter Lilly..

Pre Season training now in action for the next Tough Mudder in Brisbane in August, if interested in how to achieve this with no overuse injuries, Specialized training, Nutrition, Balance Work.. Check in with Jan at Chek Australia.. Trainer to the World Champions..

We would like to give Big Thank you to all our Beautiful family of clients who helped us with the move from our premises.
It was a breeze, and  we even had our special boy Todd, show up and help, Obviously the surf wasn't Pumpin in Yamba on the day..

Phone number to contact us on while we are locating a new premise 0434 022 071.

We are fully operational, so please call for details.. 

We would also like to give a HUGE Thanks to Pete Stanton & Paul Briggs, who have kindly offered us the use of their amazing premises in TOWNSHIP DRIVE…, and to Chris Roberts, from Height and Safety, where Kymmie and I are conducting all of our Clinical work..

My apologies, to all our family of clients for the unexpected move, but a bigger and better place is  waiting for us now..
Keep an eye on the Blog for progress report.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New online training site launched: Ultimate Surfing Trainer

ULTIMATE SURF TRAINING is an on-going, semi-personalised and interactive training program created especially for surfers, both professional and recreational, by experienced industry professionals. Our program focuses on key fitness areas that target specific pathways that will assist in improving overall surfing performance and quality of life. By participating in UST, you can expect to see awesome improvements in your surfing technique and all-round performance, as well as significantly increasing your resilience and injury resistance over time.

Our approach to training involves focusing on six fundamental areas that synergistically work together to help you to achieve your surfing goals sooner than you thought possible. By partnering with us in surf training, you not only set yourself on the path to becoming a stronger and more skilled surfer, but also will increase your personal fitness levels, improve coordination and bump up your overall health and wellbeing, allowing you to enjoy a higher quality of life. Watch how good you feel after a few months of participating in our program!