Friday, May 27, 2011


Because Jan loves her horses I thought today's BLOG should be dedicated to them! Here are some quirky quotes to make your day.

All I pay my psychiatrist is the cost of feed and hay, and he'll listen to me any day. ~Author Unknown

Again the early-morning sun was generous with its warmth. All the sounds dear to a horseman were around me - the snort of the horses as they cleared their throats, the gentle swish of their tails, the tinkle of irons as we flung the saddles over their backs - little sounds of no importance, but they stay in the unconscious library of memory. ~Wynford Vaughan-Thomas

The horse through all its trials has preserved the sweetness of paradise in its blood. ~Johannes Jensen

Horses lend us the wings we lack. ~Author Unknown

In my opinion, a horse is the animal to have. Eleven-hundred pounds of raw muscle, power, grace, and sweat between your legs - it's something you just can't get from a pet hamster. ~Author Unknown

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Jamie Mitchell training today at CHEK Australia

Here is a sneak peak at an exercise from Jamies new program.

A Day at CHEK Australia

Donovan putting his CHEK Coach skills into practice while Ebony (below) works on her makeup application!