CHEK Australia is happy to announce that we will be commencing our next
CHEK Exercise Coach Traineeship on
Thursday 11th August 2011.

What makes this Trainee-ship different?

Applied Knowledge is Power. Our philosophy is that if you cannot apply the knowledge you have learnt, it is virtually useless. Students learn and then perform their practical skills in a true working environment, at CHEK AUSTRALIA, we have developed strategies for students to use their newly acquired knowledge. This type of hands on learning environment is absolutely invaluable for a Student to fully understand, and then learn correct application of the skills as they learn.

Once the student has completed all Pre requisites and hands on Practical study time they are then able to sit for the prescribed manual exams from the CHEK INSTITUTE AMERICA.
On successful completion of these final prerequisite exams the students will then qualify to train with a CHEK FACULTY member.

The CHEK AUSTRALIA TRAINEESHIP has been established as a support training system for the highly respected CHEK INSTITUTE Training and Certification program in America.

For further Information please contact CHEK Australia on
(07) 55766678 or

Donovan and Isabelle are part of the CHEK Australia Traineeship. It is a great way to get hands on experience and learn from one of the best, Jan Carton. For more details contact Jai at (07)55766678.