Thursday, July 14, 2011

Crazy dayz!

Sam Bowden & Chris Musgrave think they are so good at training they decided to create a challenge for themselves. They proved to us that when they look like women they are better at receiving multi-directional forces while at kneeling on a swiss ball ! ha go boys!

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CHEK Australia is happy to announce that we will be commencing our next
CHEK Exercise Coach Traineeship on
Thursday 11th August 2011.
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Look at Lenny!

Lenny is a great example of Jan's success with Back pain clients. Have a read of Lennys Testimonial below.

" Seventeen years ago I almost severed my spinal cord in a ski race boat accident. At the time of the accident I was unsure if I would be able to walk again. From that point in time I learnt to live with my back pain and got use to the idea it would become part of my life.
After the last stint in hostpital and talk of a back operation a good friend of mine recommended to give Chek Australia a call.
From my first consultation with Jan I have never looked back. Jan's approach was to not just treat my specific injury but my body as a whole both physically and mentally. Building myself up through the phases of rehabilatation over the last eight months has been challenging and extemely rewarding.
I consider myself extremely lucky to have met and trained with Jan and the crew at chek Australia.Their knowledge, experience and support has been invaluable and has changed my life forever. "
Lennie Signorini

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Dan Ross can only just keep up with Jan as she trains and looking at these photos you can see why! Check out the rig on her!
Dan, Jan and Jude ....Ummmmm the photo says it all really!
 Ted and Carnage go for a paddle when no one is looking! Take a look at the NEVER GIVE UP page on the top of this BLOG for the story on Carnage.
Now you're just showing off Dan!