Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lyn Skewes -Thankyou Email to Jan

To: Jan Carton
Subject: Lyn's Hip Replacement

Hi Jan, Well it's now 7 weeks since I received my new hip and I see the surgeon next week.  Can now walk without sticks and from the start have had very little pain.  I can't say thank you enough for all the exercises and assistance you gave me.  When I arrived at rehab. The physio said she had never seen anyone so well prepared.  She borrowed Paul Chek's book and photocopied all my exercises and at the time I really felt she might hop on a plane and visit you.  However she leaves for the U.K. next week but was just so excited with the whole program.
Jan the operation has been a huge success and I would have sailed through had I not been allergic to endome (a man made morphine tablet) which set me back for the first 6 days.  I can't believe I'm free of pain and it really is thanks to you that my recovery has been so quick and easy.  A big hug and thank you.
Lyn Skewes
(permission to use this email was granted by client 5.5.10)

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